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Practical surgery information

 Map of surgery location
 Joining the Practice and the Practice Area
 List of fees for private certificates and examinations
 Comments & Complaints

Useful information for patients

 Our Values - what we believe in!
 Screening for cancer
 Links to videos of interest
 Information for carers
 Links to other sites of interest
 Kingstone Surgery Charitable Trust

Contractural and bureaucratic

Herefordshire One Record
Patient satisfaction questionnaire results Spring 2014
Friends and Family test results
Data Sharing
GP net earnings
Information Governance and confidentiality
Annual Infection Control and Prevention Statement 2018

Information is available regarding the NHS-funded services offered in Herefordshire via the Any Qualified Provider schemes in adult hearing, podiatry and musculo-skeletal services. Please click on this link which will take you to a section of the CCG website: http://www.herefordshireccg.nhs.uk/contractors-contact-details





The Surgery

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