Our Values

We believe that good medical care is primarily a human rather than a technical interaction, and is facilitated through a trusting relationship between the doctor and the patient. We do our best to involve patients in shared decision making, so that we work in partnership to obtain the best possible outcome.

We believe in the importance of continuity of care and try to provide an individual and responsive service, and make ourselves as available as possible to respond to queries and concerns.

We view clinical guidelines as useful summaries of the current approach to the management of specific medical conditions, whilst recognising that they might not always be appropriate for the individual patient. We take account of our patients beliefs and values in deciding to what extent the guidelines are appropriate in individual circumstances.

We believe that our primary responsibility is to our patients and not to the bureaucracy of the NHS. We therefore reject work outside our contract that we feel does not benefit our patients and diverts us from providing good and safe clinical care.

We believe that these values should be shared by all who work in Kingstone Surgery so that as a team we can work together to provide a personal, friendly, caring, competent and professional service .







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